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Richard Enegas blog - The IT Melting pot

Aaron Parker's stealthpuppy

VanBragt.Net SBC & Virtualization Centre

Citrix employee blogs

The Virtualisation Practice

Brian Madden

Nicholas Dille (Sepago)

Terminal Services team blog

Theresa Miller

Softgrid team blog

RES Software

My Virtual Vision - Kees Baggerman blog

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Edgesight under the hood

From the Architect - Neil Spellings' blog

Microsoft Virtualisation Blog

The Iconbar

Henny Louwers Blog

Andrew Morgan - from the trenches

Citrix UK User Group

Datacentre strategies blog (Gartner)

Virtual Engine

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Citrix guy

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Foran media

Gladier's Blog


Jim Moyle

Landon Fraley

Paul Lowther

RES User Group

Richard Parmiter Blog

Share Kleinert

Shawn Bass

Simon Bramfitt (Independent Industry Analyst)

String Theory

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Terminal Services News

The Shonk project

Virtual Fat


Virtualisation Tribulations

Virtualization Jedi

Wag the real - Alain Assaf blog

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ZenApp blog from Labmouse

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